Cultural Arts at Marshall School


The PTA Cultural Arts Committee at Marshall Elementary School helps to schedule and plan a year’s worth of interactive assemblies for the school. The assemblies take place during the school day, and teachers and staff are encouraged to incorporate what they see into their classes and conversations. 

This year’s theme for cultural arts at Marshall is
Equity and Inclusion for All

We will spend the year teaching our children about the importance of inclusion in all that we do, through movement, music, art, and words. Marshall students will hear and see acts portraying stories about our diverse cultures. These assemblies will be very interactive and will help the children learn about embracing the differences that we all share. PTA fundraising efforts support the school's budget by directly funding educational materials, additional curriculum tools, school events, and other enhancements that make Marshall special.


These assemblies are for students only. We encourage you to talk with your children about what they will be seeing each month and ask them how they liked the show and what they learned.

Interested in donating or getting involved? You can reach out to


Yoga at Marshall

In September and Early October, Stephanie Locrecchio, a certified wellness coach and yoga teacher, led Marshall Students in a yoga session focusing on stress relief, body awareness and control, self-health, inner strength, and compassion. Children learned techniques that will help them to meet the challenges of their growing world with strength, calm, and resilience.


Jamaican Beats at Marshall 

In December, Chevaughn Clayton, a Jamaican drummer and singer, will bring his many talents to Marshall. He will be teaching Jamaican drumming and singing, and all students will have the opportunity to play in true Caribbean style! They will start as he starts all his lessons, with stretching and breathing. Chevaughn will then perform a Caribbean song. After that, each student gets hands-on drumming experience as he teaches a drum pattern and a traditional song. He’s looking forward to marking the holiday season with traditional Caribbean songs with a Christmas/Kwanzaa twist!


Broadway Returns to Marshall

In March, Young Performers of America will return, bringing Broadway back to Marshall! Students in each grade will learn a song and dance from a Broadway musical, from the same actors that starred in the shows. All students will perform for the rest of the school at the end of their workshop day. Kindergarteners will learn about the Lion King and incorporate art into their performances. First graders will learn about the magical world of Aladdin, and second graders will go on STRIKE with the Newsies! Look for more information in the new year.

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