School administration will determine when an extreme weather condition exists. The conditions include but are not limited to icy sidewalks, torrential rain, thunderstorms, and frigid temperature (wind chill less than 20 degrees according to www.weather.com).



Students will not be permitted entry to the building before 8:35am. Students arriving between 8:35am and 8:45am will be directed into the building via the rear doors to the right of the blacktop by school staff and administrators.  Students will be supervised until the bell rings at 8:45am. Parents/Guardians will drop children at the door of the school, not escort them into the building.



Students will remain under the supervision of school staff bus duty personnel from 8:35am until 8:45am. At 8:35am students will enter the school and report to class.


Families and Caregivers

On extreme weather days, the rear doors to the left of the blacktop will remain open and monitored until 8:50am. Beyond that time, students must be brought to the main entrance and signed in as per our normal late arrival procedures. Please be sure to adhere to all traffic posted signage, show neighborhood courtesy and observe safety protocol.


Safety & Parking

Whether you are driving or walking, we recommend that you have your children arrive no earlier than 8:35am. This will lessen the amount of time your children will be outside, allow you to obey posted signs and lessen the need for children crossing streets in a congested area. Our partners at the South Orange Police Department will provide support and enforcement as needed.


In addition, and as an ongoing reminder, family members and caregivers are not permitted to pull into the campus lots at any time.


Thank you for your continued and diligent efforts to keep our children safe and well cared for while we we work together to model behaviors that support good citizenship.

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