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Read-a-Thon | ends 1/31

What is Whooo's Reading?

For Marshall School's Read-a-thon, we are bringing back Whooo's Reading, a web-based platform.


Whooo's Reading promotes skills that students actually need in life: independent thinking and communication. Students think independently with open-ended quiz questions for any book… instead of filling in A, B, C, or D.


It also provides a fun way for children to log the minutes they read, provides parents with a convenient way to collect sponsorship pledges, and provides teachers with a route to incorporate the Read-a-thon into class activities if they wish.


As students earn points for minutes read, they’re able to dress-up an Owl Avatar, and can encourage friends by posting comments. Teachers will also have the opportunity to log on and see how the class is doing, and may also post comments.


When is the Read-a-thon?

This year's Read-a-Thon which will run from January 7​th through February 1st​ is being run through Whooo’s Reading. Make sure your child's reading minutes are logged as prizes will be determined on minutes logged through Thursday night. 


Individual & Class Prizes 

Individual and class prizes ​of book store gift-cards, and extra recess will be available for those logging the most minutes read. Please note that the system is set up is for the school only, and nobody outside of the Marshall community will have access to the Read-a-thon set-up. Participation is, of course, optional.


Why do the Read-a-thon?
The Marshall’s Read-a-Thon fundraiser ​last year was successful in raising $21,000, which went to support a life-long love of reading and story-telling at Marshall.


This year we are raising funds for the Marshall Library furniture and technology upgrades!


How does it work?

An information packet was sent out and contains instructions about how to authorize and log in to your child’s account at, how to invite sponsors, and how to log minutes read. You can also see the instructions here. You can also watch this video here that shows you how it works.


Don’t have your ID? Please contact the readathon team at


A couple of quick tips: 
1. Enter sponsors emails and Whooos Reading will send them an email to participate. (Grandparents, Aunts, and Uncles love to get involved). More details on this in this video.
2. There is a link on your child's page to share a link on social media. It is always great to let your Facebook friends help-out.


It is possible to participate in the program offline. If you would like to learn more about this possibility, please contact the readathon team at

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