Class Captains serve as the parent liaison between classroom families, teachers and the PTA. They help families feel more connected to the school community, and is a great opportunity to be involved both at the class level and PTA. Class Captains are responsible for the following:

  • Spearhead the use of Bloomz, a communication platform that provides an efficient, secure, and easy-to-use connection between families and staff via web and mobile apps.
  • Maintain current contact information for your class families. Facilitate communication between the classroom teacher and class families. Email addresses and telephone numbers recommended. Also maintain classroom Bloomz account with updated information and postings for classroom families
  • Classroom Events: Class parents will need to coordinate with the classroom teacher(s) to determine the need for specific in-classroom activities and/or communications, that may include:
  • assisting with classroom/curriculum-driven events, such as publishing celebrations
  • publicizing/assisting with grade specific projects, events, and trips
  • helping solicit volunteers for events/identifying skills among our families
  • Class Gifts: The giving of class gifts is a tradition that involves the parents of the class presenting the teachers with a gift from the class at the end of December and at the end of June. All families in the class are invited to contribute, but this donation is absolutely voluntary. This is a nice way for the parents to show the teachers how much we appreciate all of their hard work.


Interested in being a Class Captain? You can reach out to Class Captain Coordinator @ Or let your child’s teacher know. You can also note it in the Volunteer Interest Form.


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