As a board member, you get the chance to directly support the school administration, teachers, students, and their families for the school year. Board members help bring people together and create a community for both the children and their caregivers. 


Consider joining the PTA's leadership team and help it continue to make a difference. The Nominating Committee welcomes all nominations. You may nominate as many people as you like, including yourself. Here are the detailed Job Descriptions of each PTA Board role. Questions? Please contact



About the Parent Teachers Association (PTA)

Marshall Elementary School PTA is an organization for our school community run by our school community. Specifically, the PTA is a volunteer organization that promotes partnership between the families of Marshall students and the teachers, administrators, and staff at our school.


The PTA is led by an Executive Board, which provides families with the leadership necessary to be active and effective partners with the school. It disseminates information, raises issues and concerns, anchors the school in the community, and represents parent interests. Officer positions are the only PTA roles that involve elections. Parents who would like to volunteer for these roles can nominate themselves when the elections happen in the spring of each year.


Here are the detailed Job Descriptions of each PTA Board role. 

Interested in being involved in our school? There are many opportunities for parents and community members to get involved. You can find out more here.

While the PTA is run by the Executive Board, every parent is welcomed and encouraged to attend  general membership meetings. 
These are held three times per year and all PTA members are able to vote on PTA actions during these meetings.


The dates of all meetings are published at the beginning of the year, and minutes will be posted following each meeting. We want to make sure there are ample ways for every parent to discuss things with the board members and help collaborate on big decisions. For a schedule of this year’s meetings please check our online calendar.


Executive Board Members for SY 2024-2025



Kate Walker,


Vice President

Nicolina Jennings,


Kit Schults,


Treasurer/Treasury Chair

Shelley Gold, Amber Carter-Randolph


Communications Chairs

Monica Johnson,Tory Sidwa,


Cultural Arts Chair

Patricia Fitzhugh, Amy Webb


Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Chairs

Jauhara Pressey,


Events Chairs
Joseph Facchinei, Shana Goldner, Ali Greenberg,

Fundraising Chairs

Katie Nojima, Gwen MacFarland


Membership Chairs

Joe Rospars, Georgia Rospars,


Technology Chairs

Jill Ginsberg, Jared Weinberg


Community Relations Chair (District)

Maggie Keenan,


Community Relations Chairs (Service)

Jamie Schutz, Jessica Strohmeier,


Special Education Chairs

Sarah Kono, Jessica Mingus,


Merchandise Chairs

Teresa Geis, Erin DeGrand, Erin McLaughlin,


Member at Large

Jaime Hayes,


Garden Committee*




The Marshall PTA’s objectives are:

  • To provide support and resources to the school for the benefit and educational growth (both academic and social/emotional) of the children;
  • To develop a collaborative working relationship between the parents and staff of our school;
  • To build a supportive and inclusive community for all students;
  • To foster and encourage parent participation on all levels; and
  • To develop parent leadership and build capacity for greater involvement