Welcome marshall families

The goal of Marshall School PTA is to make your family’s transition a smooth and successful one. We organize many events throughout the year to help you and your child(ren) feel welcome and excited to be part of our community.


Please review the calendar and plan to participate in our upcoming events such as our Annual Ice Cream Social at the start of the school year!


Here are some tips to prepare for your first day


We are eager to help you feel at home quickly. The best way to meet people and feel involved and invested is to volunteer for a committee or activity. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact our PTA by emailing president@marshall-pta.org or visiting the Get Involved section. 



What To Send To School

The list of items below will help your child to be comfortable during the school day:

  • Backpack - A backpack should be roomy enough to transport a snack, lunch, and important papers/homework to and from school, but not so big that your child struggles with it. Be sure that your child can open and close his/her backpack (and lunch box) by himself/herself (practice at home). Please check your child’s backpack/folder every day.

  • Labels - Put your child’s name on his/her lunchbox, snack containers, backpack, jacket, sweaters, etc. Any unlabeled lost items will be put in the “Lost and Found” located on the first floor of the school outside the cafeteria.

  • Healthy Snack - If your child’s teacher advises you that she/he includes time for snack during the day, please send a healthy snack for your child to eat. Healthy snack ideas include fruit, cheese, crackers, dried fruit, yogurt, etc.  As classmates may have life-threatening food allergies, please avoid sending items excluded by your classroom teacher.

  • Lunch - For more details on lunch, menus or how to load funds on your child's PaySchools Central account, visit our Lunch page here.


In the event there is a change in the schedule or unexpected weather results in the school's closing, a robocall to all district families and staff will be made and a message will be posted on the district website



Children who will be bused to Marshall will receive their bus assignment along with a Transportation Safety Rules & Guidelines via PowerSchool in the middle of August. Your child should carry the bus pass in their backpack at all times. Make sure your child knows the "color" of the bus route listed on the Bus Pass. School staff will dismiss students by bus color and escort them to the appropriate bus. A parent/guardian must get their child off the bus at the assigned bus stop (listed on the bus pass).


All transportation questions can be directed to the Transportation Department at (973) 378-9617 or the district website.